Biewer Terrier's history

The breed has gotten it's name from german Ms and Mrs Biewer who first breed yorkshire terriers. In January of 1984 the first so called miscolored yorkshire terrier (Schneeflockchen von Friedheck) was born in Germany to Ms and Mrs Biewer. In April of the same year a second puppy alike was born. After seeing the puppies their vet recommend that these miscolored yorkies would be given a new name after the breeder couple. Both of the dogs ended up to a german singer who decided to add "a la Pom Pon" to the name. In 1986 "Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon" was introduced as it own breed. 

After Ms Biewer became ill, breeding of the breed ended from the couples part. In 2003 biewer terriers started to come to US and interest about the breed started. Biewer Terrier Club of America started to find out more about the breed's background, and asked help from a company of genetic testing to proof that it was a case of a new breed and not of miscolored dogs. The biewer terrier is the first breed in the world that has been proved with genetic engineering. Ms Biewer died in 1997 and Mrs Biewer in 2012. A big loss to the breed also was the passing of Dagmar Prytzlaw in 2018 who did a huge amount of work for the breed. 

Luckily the breed's conquest of the world continue. But I must say that I'm worried of all of these different color variations, that can be seen on the internet daily. You have to remember that the orginal color for the biewer terrier is black/white/tan or gold and it must be cherish in the future. 

Nordic Kennel Union recognised biewer terrier as a offical breed in 15.2.2018 and the Finnish Kennel Club in 4.12.2018. Registering the breed in Finland started 1.1.2019. At the same time the breed was connected to PEVISA-program. The breed's own club in Finland was established 24.4.2019.