About us

Welcome to Kennel Dreambiewer's homepage!

Our first biewer terrier came to our family in 2011. We were first thinking about getting a yorkshire terrier, but then by chance we happened to found a picture of a biewer terrier. I called the Finnish Kennel Club about the breed, but they haden't even heard about it. I collected a lot of information about the breed, and after a thorougly search, our very first biewer Donna arrived to us from a very respected breeder in Germany. The breeder was very strict about his lines and knew the breed's orginal creators Mr and Mrs Biewer. I always advocate for the orginal tri-colored biewer terrier, like it was named and created by Mr and Mrs Biewer. The tri-colored biewer terrier is the only allowed color for the breed according to the Finnish Kennel Club's breed standard. It is important to not mix other color variations to the orginal pure breed biewer terrier. 

Happy, lively and active little dog charmed everyone. I came interested about breeding and the breed being accepted by the Finnish Kennel Club in december of 2018 just put a boost to it. I accomplished the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's basic and follow-up courses in 2020. I got my kennelname "Dreambiewer's" six months later. I am this breed's pioneer in Finland and in 2020 I registered Finland's first PEVISA-checked (a programme to oppose hereditary illnesses in the breed in Finland) litter to the Finnish Kennel Club. I have been part of establishing the breeds own club in Finland and I am a member of the board. I am also a member of many different dog associations. I have signed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's commitment and I am very interested about breeding and the genetics of the orginal tri-colored biewer terrier. All of our litters are carefully planed and litters are born rarely. All of our dogs that are used in breeding has a good personality and are healthy, breed standard like and PEVISA-checked. We attend in shows regulary and the dogs are handled by my daughters. Our puppies grow in normal home surroundings, getting a lot of attention and love. We invest a lot to the puppies getting used to normal handling and socializing. We want to give the puppies the best start to their lifes. We live in Southern-Finland in Turku.