Dogs’ accomplishments, titles, show results

Accomplishments, titles and other show results of our own dogs and dogs bred by us. 

COCO, HeW-21 FI CH Franz Ferdinad Von Weisse Orchidee 

Biewer Terrier of The Year 2020 3. place

TSKK ry Show Dog of The Year 2020 3. place

Finnish Champion 7/21

Helsinki Winner 2021

Biewer Terrier of The Year 2021, Best Show Dog Male

TSKK ry Show Dog of The Year 2021 3. place

AVA, FI CH FI JCH JV-22 V-22 Belogor Pride Belgiya 

Finnish Juniorchampion 8/22

Finnish Juniorwinner 2022

Finnish Winner 2022

Finnish Champion 9/23

STELLA, FI JCH NOW-23 Dreambiewer´ s Lovely Surprise ow. Henna Halkosalo

Finnish Juniorchampion 2/23

Norwegian Winner 2023

JADE, FI JCH Dreambiewer´ s Dramatic Desiree 

Finnish Juniorchampion 5/23

BIS-Junior 3. place 18.5.2023

GIO, FI JCH SEJW-23 SEW-23 FIJW-23 FIW-23 Mini Mimosa Ambassador

Finnish Juniorchampion 6/23

Swedish Juniorwinner 2023

Swedish Winner 2023

Finnish Juniorwinner 2023

Finnish Winner 2023